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Author Interview with Katherine Nichols

Author Bio:

Katherine Nichols is a writer of suspense with heart and humor. (Dec. 2022). Women empowering women is Katherine’s passion. When she taught high school, she started a group for girls who wanted to excel.

Katherine didn't set out to be a Southern author. It just happened, which wasn't a surprise since she was born and raised in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

As an author, Katherine writes strong female characters. Themes of grief, loss, and forgiveness play an important part in her novels. She works with an all-women's critique group, which started the podcast Wild Women Who Write Take Flight. The interviews primarily include women authors, but they have male guests who are supportive of women as well.

Katherine serves on the board of The Atlanta Writers Club and Sisters in Crime Atlanta. When she isn’t spending time with her children and grandchildren, she loves to read, walk, and travel. She lives in Lilburn, Georgia with her husband, two rescue dogs, and two rescue cats.

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Book Blurb:

“The Sometimes Sister”

Betrayed by Stella, the sister she adored, Grace Burnette struggles to put her previously well-ordered life back together.

News of Stella’s death in Ecuador propels Grace into a dangerous world of intrigue. Accompanied by the man her mother hired to protect her, Grace confronts her ex-fiance and Stella’s widower. She joins forces with Stella’s lover, Adelmo Balsuto, a man with a dangerous past, to bring her sister’s killers to justice.

Adelmo is more interested in revenge than justice, and Grace must choose how far she will go to settle the score for her sister. An explosive encounter with her sister’s killers brings back a long-buried memory that could destroy her family. The choices Grace makes could cause forgiveness and redemption or despair and destruction.

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