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It's Launch Day!!🎉📚🎙

Today the day has finally come!

The podcast is officially launched as of 4 am Central Time! This has been a long time coming.

We released our Trailer way back in the summer.

We have released 4 episodes in honor of the launch today:

Episode 1: Peter R Kohli

Episode 2: Mini Episode

Episode 3: Edward Di Gangi

Episode 4: Solo Episode

Monday will start the weekly release of our mini-episodes. Then in 2023, we will start releasing an Author Episode a week!

Today also marks the Launch of our Embrace YOUR Escape Membership!

👉Learn more HERE


It will be on every episode blog post but I just wanted to have it be upfront here as well.

This post contains affiliate links through Amazon’s affiliate program. When you click on and/or purchase from some links, I make a portion of the sale. This helps keep Ripollsworkshop Reads running.

We will be using Amazon Affiliate links on the blog posts. On the podcast episode page it will not be listed as our affiliate link. If you have any questions always feel free to reach out!

Happy Reading & Writing!

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