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Ripollsworkshop Reads — Our Foundation Story & Sneak Peek

Photo of Courtney Ripoll-McBride

Originally we started out as an all-in-one page that had quilting, business, and books. That got to be confusing for people so we decided to break things up and move business and books to new pages.

When we started out with our Bookstagram-only page back in 2021 we 100% fell off the wagon with posting. The one thing I learned was that content was not always easy to think of. Don't get me started on reels.

Over the last year alone we have changed so many things. We have been branded with our new amazing branding done by Heylo Creative. We have made more of a plan this year on where we want to go and started to get ready for the podcast launch.

Our mission is to really share the LOVE of Reading and allow you to Embrace YOUR Escape.

At this point, we have had the AMAZING opportunity to interview over 10 Authors for the podcast and there are so many more scheduled! We are loving this journey and can not wait to share it with you on 10 November when we launch.

In October, we will be announcing more about the events that we have planned leading up to the launch. And of course, the Launch Party where EVERYONE is invited! If you want to be kept in the know and be the first to hear about the🎉 Launch party 🎉and challenge leading up to it we recommend being on our Newsletter list as they are the first to know about all the cool things upcoming!

P.S. Here is a sneak peek of two authors we have interviewed 👇

Photo of Peter R Kohli on Graphic for Author Interview

Photo of Haley Hoover on Graphic for Author Interview


We would love your feedback as a Reader on what you want to hear on the podcast. If you are an Author/ Writer or someone in the Book Industry we would love to interview you! You can find more information HERE!

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