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Special Guest Episode - Haley Hoover


Haley Hoover is an international Success Coach + Intuitive Artist, Haley Hoover helps entrepreneurs break through their next level of success with ease through her Intuitive Business™ framework.

Haley has written multiple books to name a few “Dream Big: A Guide to Discovering Your Life’s Biggest Desires: From the Sparking Hippie”, “Hippies still exist: True Life Stories of a backpacker in New Zealand”, and “Sparkling Success: An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Dreaming Up your Business’ Biggest Desires”

Haley has helped dozens of women grow their online businesses and self-publish their first books with fun and flow. Haley is an Amazon #1 New Release Author, a go-to expert for business owners who wish to share their heart’s message through writing and publishing their first book. Learn more at

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